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"I will cut your rate to the bone!"

True confession - I did not come up with this tagline, but there is a fun story behind it!

When I first started in the mortgage industry in 2006, I was part of a brokerage that did heavy radio advertising. Over time I became involved in helping write copy for the person voicing the ad and was actively taking radio leads.

After the crash in 2008, I migrated to a bank and was in charge of placing our radio advertising. My first instinct was to hire voice talent for the on-air read and we tried several voices, but the results weren't very good. Eventually, we decided to roll-out on one of the biggest stations in the Los Angeles metro area - KFI. Their reach was incredible and they had (and still have) a huge audience. It was a pretty penny, to say the least, but we decided to keep plowing forward.

To my surprise, even KFI was not giving us the return we wanted. I called our rep at the station and he said, "Brett - you're kind of a salty character. You've got a great name. People like to feel like they're hearing from the proprietor, so I want YOU to voice the ad AND I was you to say that you will cut rates to the BONE!"

Let's just say I was not thrilled with this suggestion. I did not want to sully my name with a tagline like that and be perceived as an annoying mattress-sale man on the radio! But the money was going out fast and out of desperation, I reluctantly agreed.

Long story short, the radio rep's instincts were on point. All of a sudden calls started pouring in. And within a matter of weeks I could not talk to friends or family without "cut your rate to the bone" tagline coming up. My name, Bonecutter, was now branded as the guy who could drop your mortgage rate!

It has been a couple of years since I have been active on the radio, but I am still cutting rates to the bone! I'm very happy to do a pain-free analysis of your situation to see how I can help. I was never very comfortable with the radio ad, but I love helping people save money. Give me a call or drop me a text!

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