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It is time for a mortgage check-up!

If you're a homeowner and haven't looked closely at your mortgage lately, now is the time for a check-up. Rates are at multi-year lows because there are growing concerns of a global recession the likes of which we've never seen. Whether or not that reality is imminent is a matter of debate and I will not unpack it here. Suffice it to say, as long as these trade concerns with China persist, rates are likely to be low and potentially head lower.

Here are the things you should be looking for:

  1. Get rid of PMI: There's no need to carry this meaningless expense a day more than necessary. Let me help you get out of it!

  2. Lower rates on loans that are over 4.5%: Self-explanatory.

  3. Consolidate debt at a lower rate: If you have high interest debt and a lot of idle equity in your home, a responsible refinance to restructure that debt may be in order. Let's look at it.

  4. Home improvement: Like #3, if you have idle equity and have not kept up with basic home maintenance issues, a refinance may be the ticket.

  5. Time to move? If you've been thinking of down-sizing or up-sizing, now is a good moment to move. Buyers are coming off the sidelines with low rates and you can secure your new home at an all-time low.

The mortgage check-up is painless, I promise. A quick call and within about 10 minutes we will know if there is potential action to take.

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